Monday, April 23, 2018

In the "Too Soon!" Dept., #3006 - My Heart Will Go On


  1. Not sure what's going on here in this visual but I can say I do like big American breasts. But not too big, only the just right ones that have the perfect amount of jiggle. Beyond that.... I forget.

  2. PS, As GHW Bush and Bubba Clinton would say, my favorite magician is David Copafeel.

  3. Ha! You can't blame HW. Billy was driving, after all. He just told HW he had to swing by somewhere and pick up a couple jugs.

    Now I wake up to see that Mr. Bush is on his death bed and even I am wincing at the level of my own bad taste, but I assure you I thought he was healthy when I posted this. Barbara and George had quite the love story, so checking out in the same week in their 90s would be fitting. Barbara might have something to say to George when he gets there about going to a strip club with Bubba after her funeral.