Thursday, April 12, 2018

Congress grills Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, AND YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!!!

weird and awkward moments from two days of Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional hearing

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) invoked his love of chocolate. “I’m communicating with my friends on Facebook, and indicate that I love a certain kind of chocolate. And, all of a sudden, I start receiving advertisements for chocolate. What if I don’t want to receive those commercial advertisements?”

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) told Zuckerberg, “I’m a proud member of Facebook, just got a post from my sister on this being National Sibling Day.”

Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-IN), My son likes buying suits and then saw ads for suits online. If you’re not listening to us on the phone, who is?

It's about time that congress got to work on behalf of the American people and asked these tough and probing questions. Could it be possible that Facebook and all the big tech companies try to have it both ways by trying to pass themselves off as a  neutral public forum, yet exhibit a pervasive political bias against conservatives?

 CRUZ: Does Facebook consider itself a neutral public forum?

ZUKERPUNK: Senator, we consider ourselves to be a platform for ideas

CRUZ: Then for the love of God, tell this congress and all of my Facebook friends for the final time which cup fills up first!?

ZUKERPUNK: It's a trick question, senator. Some of the tubes are closed... or are they? And ask yourself this - Is there enough coffee in the pot to actually get to where you think it will?

CRUZ: There are a great many Americans who are deeply concerned that Facebook is engaged in a pervasive pattern of addictive puzzle memes. Would you like to explain to the American people what exactly is the purpose of this confusing McDonalds puzzle, if not to divide us?

ZUKERPUNK: I'm sorry senator, I don't drink coffee.


  1. Yes, but not nearly as Galaxy Quest! Love that movie and I'm not lying. Is it me, or did Zuckerberg look nervous?

  2. He looked very nervous. But then what effect will Congress have on facepalm ?

  3. Congress won't have any effect at all, but I just read a Drudge-linked article claiming that 10% of folks have deleted their accounts over this scandal. I'm still on it, if only to keep tabs on my extended friend's dinner choices and to spew my christian conservative 'rhetoric'.

  4. SuckFaceberg is weird and awkward because he is a POD person. No, not "person of darkness", but a pod deposited here from outer space. As far as FB goes, I don't think anything will change because the fact-checkers FB is going to employ are all liberal hacks. Same as it ever was.

    I confess that I've never seen Galaxy Quest so you'll know why I don't get any of the references.

  5. Zuke does look kind of like an alien.

    If you watched Star Trek Cube, You will like Galaxy Quest.

  6. I'm not so sure, Kid. I imagine Cube making a face every time she hears (or reads) 'Galaxy Quest'... SEE! RIGHT THERE!!!! Cube is a scifi purist and so any satire of Star Trek is frowned upon.Na noo na noo :)

  7. DaBlade: Lol. I DID make a face, but it's not what you think. I've laughed myself silly at Trek parodies on SNL over the years. Ditto for the Trek-ish episodes on TV shows such as CSI, et al. Maybe if they hadn't cast Tim Allen as Kirk-lite. He just gets on my nerves.

  8. well, it is 'stupid' funny, which explains Kid and my thumb's up.