Monday, June 16, 2008

Bush responsible for Flint's woes (says Obama spokesperson)

by Dana DeFever, The Flint Journal: Obama to talk about jobs, global economy in Flint speech
FLINT, Michigan -- U.S. Senator Barack Obama will talk about jobs and the global economy Monday at Kettering University.

Obama is expected to lay out his agenda for how to create the good-paying jobs of the future and how to ensure that America can compete and succeed in the global economy, said Amy Brundage, an Obama spokeswoman.

"Here in Flint, the devastating effects of eight years of George Bush have hit close to home. The people of Flint can't afford John McCain's promise of four more years of failed economic policies that are setting back our ability to compete in the 21st century," she said.
There it is! George Bush is responsible for Flint's woes, and Bush has caused this "devastation" over his 8 year term! Ah, if only Flint could return to it's hey day from 8 years ago *sigh*. You liberals *fake smile*... Hey Amy. Do you realize just how ridiculous you sound? As for Obama, he is going to single-handedly "CREATE" jobs that will allow Flint to compete in the global economy. The Messiah Obama will CREATE these jobs out of thin air with his policies of regulation and sky high taxation. That would be a trick equal to turning water into wine.

A limited supply of advanced tickets were distributed last week. Andy Heller gushed like a school girl in his blog about getting a ticket, likening it to getting a golden ticket from a Willie Wonka chocolate bar. Maybe Andy will do a follow-up video with the Obama Girl (I Got A Crush).

He writes:
It's an understatement to say these people were excited about Obama's visit. And why not? For eight years, the ruling junta, led by The Decider, has made no bones about who was in charge of this country -- and it wasn't the people.

The war. The economy. Jobs. Inflation. Gas prices. The nation has been slugged hard and often, particularly lately. No state has felt the blows more than Michigan; no city has felt them harder than Flint.

In Obama, perhaps, the people who turned out Friday see a return to power for themselves, a chance that the government born of the people will return to the people. In him, at the very least, they see hope.
That's Andy for ya. Red meat to the clueless. There seems to be a formula here: Step one - Bash Bush and blame him for Flint's problems. Step two - Obama. *HOPE* and *CHANGE*... blather blather blather. It appears that Obama's spokesbabe and Heller are drinking the same Kool Aid.

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  1. Remember it's the Libs goal to screw up everything. Tax and regulate the evil corporations so much they are forced to flee the state and country. Then blame the Republicans for all the jobs going away. The Libs are very good at it and Lord knows the MSM goes along with it 100%.