Friday, June 13, 2008

Obama to visit Flint - Be still my heart

"Obama coming to Flint Monday," reports Kristin Longley of The Flint Journal.

Woo Woo... *fizzle*... don't care.

He is scheduled to speak at Kettering University (provided his ear piece is working again, unlike here)

"Hold on a second. I can't hear myself." What a buffoon!

Obama at Kettering University, huh? That gives me a visual of him wearing an over-sized army helmet (ala Michael Dukakis) and driving down newly christened "University Drive" (Third Avenue) in the homemade half-scale Panzer replica built by an engineering student there.

Just think, if he draws a crowd of 3,000, that's the equivalent of 1,500 votes, right? I forget the formula the dumbocrats are using now to count votes these days... two thirds? One half?

"He is expected to speak about Michigan's economic woes and his economic policy platform." Great! I need him to explain how raising taxes in this economy will be beneficial to this area.
Denise Graves, chairwoman of the Genesee County Republican Party, said McCain's policies are better for Michigan.

"(Obama) will probably come here often because he needs to repair the damage he's done," Graves said. "He needs to get support because he ignored this state (during the primary season)."
Flint needs the exact opposite of what this yahoo is peddling.

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