Friday, October 3, 2008


It started at 9PM on the button last night, and I sat there and watched the whole thing. I know others watching may have been nervous, wondering if their favorite would make an embarrassing gaffe. Not me. I was confident that my candidate was not skating on thin ice. There was the predictable "one-on-ones". The tiresome "back and forths". "Ohhh... That was a great shot!," thought I. Or, "nice deflection".

No, the title of this post is not lie. I am not "pulling a Biden" on you here. I was in the hockey rink last night watching the 94 Icelander's Bantaam AA hockey practice.

I don't mean to sound like a big shot here (yes I do), but I have been selected as the chief financial officer for this traveling hockey squad of 14-year-olds. This year it will be ME that gets to collect the monthly ice bills from the parents. I get to send the snarky emails to parents that may fall behind. (There is always SOMEBODY who foolishly chooses to buy groceries for the family over paying for the ice bill when times get tight. NOT ON MY WATCH!) I really don't mean to brag (yes I do), but I will be writing the checks to the arena for the team's obligations, most of them in four figures. (*Barney Fife sniff*)

So you see, I missed the VP debate. Doesn't matter. I am not in the "undecided" column, and Sarah's "performance" was irrelevant. From what I've read though, she did just fine and won the debate. Poll numbers will now sway back to favor McCain, as "undecideds" feel more favorably for Palin after last night.

The "undecideds" are like minnows swimming along the beachfront. First one way, then the other. No long-term memory to build a coherant basis for future moves. Just a 2 second short-term memory for these aquatic cockroaches. It's all "feel" and "instinct" with the minnows. Unlike the Whale, which is actually a mammal, and can memorize stuff like "whale songs". Admiral James T. Kirk actually used two Humpback Whales to answer an alien probe that threatened Earth. Kirk didn't use the minnows, did he? What were we talking about again?

A crab hitching a ride on top of a Gigantic Jellyfish off the coast of Florida?

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  1. I think Sarah winked at me last night during the debate. I could feel her eyes all over me!! I'm going to ask Mrs. PIC-PIC if I could call her Sarah during our next "special time".