Thursday, October 30, 2008

ALL the $ spent on Obama's infomercial could have fed the poor for a year!

I missed Barack Obama's 30-minute campaign commercial last night.
I just HAD to watch this instead...

While I had no luck finding Nemo, I'm pretty sure I got a glimpse of Carl, the surgically repaired angelfish.

After watching that twice, there was still a little time left where I could have caught the end of Obama's little ego-fest. I mentally juggled my options for my viewing pleasure...

I could watch this 30-minute Barack barrage of B.S. or watch paint dry.

I could watch (on purpose) this pathetic marxist attempt to manipulate those of us still left with their senses, or watch videos of grass growing.

But I hear that I didn't miss much.
From Susan Davis at the Washington Wire:
In an email briefing to reporters this morning, a McCain aide also quipped, “If infomercials were a winning campaign strategy, Billy Mays would be President of the United States and every American would own Mighty Putty or Oxi Clean.”

In other news:
Did you see where Obama was stumping in Raleigh and confused black TV sitcoms "Sanford and Son" with "The Jeffersons"???

"...You’d be having a – you know like, what was it. ‘Sanford and Son,’ ‘I’m coming Weezie.’"

That's "I'm coming Elizabeth" you d-bag! and after THIS, you still want us to trust you with our economy?

Obama is exactly my age, and I must have watched the majority of S&S and Jeffersons episodes, so he has no excuse to cross his wires here. My guess is that Obama is a closet Chattering Teeth reader, and this now famous post was in the back of his mind.

Rev. Wright & Obama in "Sanford and Son" remake

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