Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October has arrived! *woo woo*

Season of the pumpkin.
To celebrate Octobers arrival, let's all recognize and applaud Steve Connolly of Sharon, Mass., for his dedication and "sticktoittiveness" in the nurturing of his backyard pumpkin from a seedling to an 1,800 pound behemoth - all, apparently, to the neglect of his gaunt and drawn son - pictured with the family vegetable (Well, he looks a little thin to me!). Imagine having to compete with a gourd for your father's attention.

According to the news story, Connolly "planted the pumpkin on May 1 and then pollinated it on July 3 and it's been growing into a monster for the past three months. He said on some days during its rapid growth phase it was putting on about 45 pounds per day." (sounds like Michael Moore's toddler years)

As for you Pumpkinguy, that's wonderful. Really. Congratulations. But can you peel away from the giant squash for a sec. and make your boy "Linus" there a sandwich?

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