Friday, April 26, 2013

Take your Child to Candy Island Day

I usually ignore TV commercials (or use them as an opportunity to "powder my nose") but I LOVE those AT&T "It's not complicated" commercials with the funny kids and the straight-laced adult. (BTW, when I say I am going to "powder my nose", what I really mean is that I am going to "powder the bathroom")

My favorite AT&T commercial has to be 'Saving Money: Island Made of Candy'. I mean, WHO wouldn't want to live on Candy Island, where all is right with the world and everything is perfect (except maybe for the teeth)?

I thought of Candy Island when I read this story...
Flint Journal-MLive does Take Your Child to Work Day

Maybe the reason is because I looked at the story's accompanying pictures with curiosity, having never set foot inside these plush, new MLive studios on Saginaw Street in downtown Flint. Having spent my 31 years in the newspaper business just across the road in the old Flint Journal complex on the corner of Harrison and First Street, these are not the mental imagines that come to mind when I think "newspaper facility". Where are the cardboard ovals laid out on the flooring to protect it from pressmen's inky shoes? This facility does look spectacular, although maybe a bit sterile for my taste.

Time heals all wounds, and like the majority of my friends I grew up with in that business, we have found other venues for our talents. (though I worry about "Scoop", for as hard as it is to teach an old dog new tricks, just imagine if you were an old newspaper mascot. Who would hire that guy?)

So here's to Candy Island. May you find it where ever you happen to be.

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