Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today's Poll question: Should the Church Modernize?

Detroit-area Catholic leaders urge gay marriage supporters to skip Communion
"For a Catholic to receive holy Communion and still deny the revelation Christ entrusted to the church is to try to say two contradictory things at once: 'I believe the church offers the saving truth of Jesus, and I reject what the church teaches.' In effect, they would contradict themselves.
PRO: About time. Pro-abortion and same-sex marriage 'Catholics' just GO AWAY. There are plenty of false "progressive " idols for you to worship.

CON: Absolutely NOT! The Church needs to update its antiquated and homophobic and anti women's CHOICE beliefs or just watch its membership decline!

and the answer is...
Decline away then. For me, my faith is not related to the percentage of my peers who agree on an issue. I don't take a poll of those around me for the purpose of adopting majority opinion as my core beliefs or I would be a progressive. I am not that weak. (DISCLAIMER: I give all progressives the "benefit of the doubt until their 25th birthday. After that, they should know better)

and in conclusion...
If the Church membership were to decrease down to a dozen or so members who could hypothetically fit into a small, upstairs apartment (with drawn curtains, to hide from obama's civil patrol drones) to break bread in an outlawed Mass of worship, I would still want to be there.

Remember, you can't refinish a beautiful antique table without stripping off the barnacles first.

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  1. I can't speak to the particulars here, not knowing the situation. I know most cradle Catholics like myself made their First Communion around first or second grade, and no other classes were needed after that with respect to communion. More needed for Confirmation, but that wouldn't interrupt communion...

    My wife was not a cradle catholic, but instead converted. I will say that the RCIA classes she took probably saved our lives, as I had more or less been drifting away from the church at that point until she reeled me back in. The problem with the oxymoronic progressive catholics who are for abortion and same-sex marriage are because they have not been properly catechised in the faith. They don't have any idea why the church teaches, or why. Instead, they create God in their own image, which is 180 degrees out of phase. Don't misunderstand, I don't mean this about you, just explaining my post.

    I know there is nothing that would keep me away from the church that was given authority by Jesus Christ Himself. cube, you should come home. AT LEAST seek out a local priest and give him a piece of your mind about why you were wronged in the past and why you left the church. Then just see what happens. Just my advice for what its worth. God bless you and your family.