Tuesday, April 2, 2013

White House blames the president's Easter air balls on the presence of El Diablobama in the grassy knoll

Rarely do I run across a video on the internet that quite literally makes me "laugh out loud", and usually those contain either puppies or babies arguing with each other or biting a brother's finger. For all the others, if they get a "harumph" and a grimacing smile from me - that means it's ok in my book.

This is one of those exceptions, however. I could watch this all day, but my face is beginning to hurt from laughing. Barack Obama Brick House Shoots 22 Baskets Misses! Embarrassing Basketball Shots 4/1/13

Former WH press secretary Robert Gibbs was quoted as stating that he has participated in a practice shoot-around with the president and claims that Obama is actually "quite good". Of course, that was with the over-sized $Trillion dollar joystick controlled  42-foot basketball rim that he usually uses.

If you haven't watched it yet, you'd better hurry before the Benghazi coverup machine gets in full gear and all those witnessess kids and their parents become unavailable for comment. In fact I predict that the press will be reporting the president went 22 for 22 by the end of the week.


  1. It says a lot when he can't even get a free shot in basketball right.

  2. I love it when he gives up and goes in 'for the bunny' layup and continues to clank iron. I'm exactly obama's age and I haven't picked up a basketball in many years, but if you trust me to represent you in a winner take all one on one match between obama and me, I promise I'd SMOKE him. Hell, I'd put my money on Dick Cheney whooping him after watching this video.