Monday, December 16, 2013

China builds first moon restaurant - now serving Iranian Space Monkey

BREAKING BLOG NEWS: First we learn that China has successfully become the third nation to land on the moon.

NOW we learn they have opened the first interstellar restaurant to horrible reviews on Travel Advisor...

...and I suppose they would have us believe the absence of cats on the moon is somehow a coincidence? I'm sorry, I may have been born at night on the back of a turnip truck, but my momma didn't raise no moon rock.

PICTURED: The second Chinese take-out restaurant on the moon is the result of good ol' fashioned American Entrepreneurship, and was financed by a recluse anonymous blogger from Swartz Creek, Michigan known only as "DaBlade" in the Tweeterverse.

AND NOW This past weekend, Iran claimed a 2nd launch of monkey into space

This could explain why the General Tso's tasted a little gamy to the first interstellar diners.


  1. Haha! All I could think of was the old Steve Martin bit from Comedy is Not Pretty - "I have a googlephonic stereo with a moonrock needle. OK for a car stereo, wouldn't want it in my house."