Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Obama "selfies"

President Obama's "selfie" in Benghazi

MSMEDIA: This is a moment of reconciliation. This is a moment of tribute to a great ambassador, and it was not a time to make a political statement. So what that Obama was fist-bumping the "protestors" shortly after Steven's death. At this point, what difference does it make? you shake hands and fist-bump out of the respect for the moment and move on. Will President Obama get some criticism from those Tea Baggers and Faux News viewers? Yes, he will. It comes with the territory. Somebody will decide that was a horrible thing. I think the president was showing respect for the moment.


  1. I keep hoping to read that the Secret Service had to restrain Michelle when she stomped a mudhole in Obama's butt and tried to stick the cell phone up his butt.

    Wishful thinking, although Michelle probably had the same idea - without being restrained.

  2. Ha! No doubt she had those thoughts. She was not amused in any of those photos. At least with the Clintons, you never thought that Hillary could kick the crap out of Bill, though her ash tray throws are the stuff of WH legend. With Mooshell, you just know she has had obama in a head lock on more than one occasion.

  3. Pictures speak a thousand words and you can see Moochie's thoughts in her face.

    Sure, Obama's selfie with the PM wasn't a good idea, but Moochie, more often than not, has a hateful look on her face. I can't imagine waking up to that every morning, especially not during that loooog plane ride back to Washington.

  4. cube - I love how she swapped seats when obama was up at the podium bloviating. The look on Prime Minister Helle's face was priceless - the blank and terrified stare off in the distance...

  5. lol. Yes, she looked as scared of Moochie as Barry was.