Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Winter Olympic Dream Event

I've only caught bits and pieces of these Winter Olympics. There isn't a whole lot I liked better as a kid then sliding down a snow-covered hill, whether propelling on skis or with my barrack side sitting on a sled or toboggan. Maybe that is why I usually enjoy watching the "ice sports" over a summer soccer match. 

I caught the Jamaican Bobsled run last night and was reminded of the movie Cool Runnings which was inspired by the 1988 Jamaican team that finished in last place with its first ever Bobsled team. 1988 was a quaint time when dreadlocks were not the predominant hair style in the NFL and dope was still illegal. I know. Weird, right mon? This year's edition rocked out a run that was only 6+ seconds off the pace (yes, seconds - not tenths of same). But they did get an egg, which was cool and seemed to make them happy.

I caught a little Luge (is it pronounced "Looogie?") earlier in the week, and an event I don't remember called Skeleton. Skeleton is just a head first version of the Luge where a high speed crash would certainly involve the majority of your bones, starting with the skull (which is a summer rowboat event I think) Its a;ll so very confusing.

What I'd like to see is an event involving the athletes riding down the luge track sitting Indian style on a round Curling stone. Now THAT would best replicate my sugar-induced Kamikaze runs of my youth.



  1. Ed, I can see that! The official head gear would have to be the long pointy tossled 'santa' knit cap or the one with the flap ears. I also like synchronized ice fishing as a new event.