Sunday, February 2, 2014

Obama Girlie Throws a Football

We already knew he couldn't bowl, shoot skeet, throw a baseball, or even play golf or basketball very well. If this football went 10 yards, I'd be surprised. Just tuck it under the arm and follow that devastating blocking machine up front!
On Sunday, President Obama celebrated the Super Bowl by having the White House tweet a picture of him throwing a football
“I would not let my son play pro football...”  unless Mooshell was on the O line.


  1. From my perspective, pot be may not be as bad as alcohol, but it sure causes brain problems similar to being hit in the head numerous times.

    I'll call it "Choom Concusion" Obama is the poster child for this malady.

  2. "Choom Concusion" leads to mom jeans and/or girlie throws. There really should be a telethon for this Jess :)

  3. I hate it when all the funny stuff has been said.
    Watching this guy reminds me of the coverage Mussolini used to get.
    Everything is about him.

  4. Ed- You're right, everything is about him, but that's why there is an unending supply of funny stuff. Funny 'sad', not funny 'happy' though.

  5. I can throw better than he can.. no, really I can. What a metrosexual pansy.

  6. cube- your tax refund has just been canceled.