Tuesday, February 4, 2014

O'Reilly interviews Beltway Schmo on Super Sunday

Bill O'Reilly interviews President Obama on Super Bowl Sunday. O'Reilly is on Obama's home turf, surrounded by the president's "body men" and muscle just off camera and all unsmiling and eye-balling Bill. He has 12 minutes to get to the truth. Will he succeed?
Meanwhile, stage right. Broadway Joe Namath strolls the concourse at Met Life stadium looking for the jacka$$ that stole his mink coat.
BROADWAY JOE: "At least I found these digs. Not as sweet as the coat, but it will do in a pinch."

Meanwhile, across the hall in Bruno Mars' dressing room, a young man awakens with a headache.

BRUNO: "Someone must have knocked me out cold. Where is my suit? Better yet, why am I wearing mom jeans with a presidential seal for a tag?"

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