Friday, February 14, 2014

My Trip To Florida Quiz

Today's Blog Quiz contains numerous links in the questions and answers which lead to another of my personal favorite chattering teeth blog entries that may require heavy editing before inclusion in my coffee table book. A perfect score on this quiz earns you nothing. However, incorrect guesses shared in the comment section may just make the cut in my tome. Good luck!


While I sat on a black padded bench seat in the Delta wing of the Atlanta airport waiting to fly into Palm Beach last week, I inserted my _____________ into one of the numerous electrical outlets to ___________.


My destination was Palm Beach...

A) because I planned to pursue my dream working as a Cuban cabana boy.
B) to participate in a scheduled croquet tournament match against Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh.
c) to exhibit my Barbie collection at the World Barbie Collection Convention.
D) to visit family who recently relocated there and set up a Florida branch office for their business.   


Pictured is my wife and I "roughing it" on Palm Beach last weekend.

(Why does she look the same as she did in this pic from our honeymoon and I look like 28 years later?)

Pictured: This is NOT Renée Zellweger and Tom Selleck on a Hawaiian booze cruise.


Upon my return to Michigan, I noticed that my skin had turned a dark olive tone. Why?

A) My Mary Kay lady mistakenly filled my order for foundation with "Native American" instead of my usual base, "Naive American" and a full refund is forthcoming.
B) Going back to work always increases the blood pressure, giving my cheeks a rosy appearance.
C) Apparently a byproduct of that hot ball of flaming gasses in the Florida sky


I. 'Kindle Paperwhite' and 'recharge the battery'.

I don't fly very often, so the numerous charging stations for electronic devices slightly amazed me. I was born a poor introverted child, so you might assume I would be all over having a smartphone I could hold up to my face to bathe in the radioactive glow, while my opposable thumbs danced a magical choreography on it's glassy screen, captivating my attention and fascination to the exclusion of the rest of the human race. I seriously have no idea what everybody stares at on those things because I have never had a smartphone. I don't even carry a dumbphone anymore (unless I am traveling to Aldi by myself).
Give me Kindergarten Logistics any day!

I know most folks can't imagine NOT carrying a phone, and I'm not bragging when I say I don't. I just don't need to. Its not that I shun technology, people. I WAS reading my Kindle after all. And its not like I'm incommunicado. If you want to reach me, send me an email or call Mrs. DaBlade. NOTE: I only get emails when I log into my account from a computer. If my pocket buzzes and vibrates, it is not a cell phone, but likely my pet squirrel demanding attention.

To put it simply, if I was an Amish farmer in the late 1800s, I would still be barn raising with my T-shaped wood handle hand beam auger instead of that newfangled Hand Crank Drill with the fancy wood swivel knob. No thanks, out of control technology! Those things make Jebediah and the boys look like they're churning butter rather than helping me raise my hay-filled man cave.

II. The correct answer is 'D', but I am accepting 'A' and 'B' for partial credit due to those options being highly likely in the event I would have ended up staying. But alas, no, we came home this past Monday as planned, and beating the winter storm by mere hours. God thing, or I'd probably STILL be reading my Kindle in the Atlanta airport. We toyed with staying in Florida, but at the end of the day it came down to the deep responsibility I have for this blog. (**harumph**)

III. Because she treats her body like a temple and you treat yours like a tent. (Jimmy Buffet)

IV. All of the above.


  1. How'd you get Tom and Renee to pose for you?

  2. See? I KNEW someone would make that error. You missed my disclaimer Ed :)

  3. I think you're a cute couple... whoever you are ;-)

  4. oh why thank u cube! You're both in the book!