Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Clinton Bimbola Eruption Photo Pop Quiz

What is this?

This picture features...(pick one)  Ebola eruption or Bimbo eruption?

A) Bill Clinton's visit to Flint, Michigan today.
The First Perv introduces a surprise guest, Monica Lewinski (Patient Splash Zone Zero) and her much improved stainless hazmat blue dress for a special dance for old time's sake.
(B) A nurse and a doctor demonstrate the Ebola decontamination procedure in a specialized quarantine unit at Charité Hospital in Berlin, Germany.


  1. Decisions, decisions..
    Flint! Lock your daughters up!

  2. I had to think about that for awhile. I think it's both.Of course, Ebola kills you; Bill Clinton makes your brain melt....just ask Monica Lewinsky.

  3. ED, good one. most Flint natives already locked up to begin with.

    Jess, It is both, which wasn't even a choice. A shiny new toy Chattering Teeth prop is on the way!