Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ebola nurse found obstructing traffic on NJ bridge

New Jersey nurse who was confined over Ebola worries, boyfriend go into hiding
Nurse Kaci Hickox, armed with a doctor’s note saying she tested negative for the dreaded disease but still facing three weeks of quarantine, went underground Tuesday and took her boyfriend with her. She and nursing student Theodore Wilbur were in an undisclosed location and getting reacquainted after a month apart, officials said.

Where could they be?
Cue wavy lines for Chattering Teeth Blog Dream sequence...

Two of three access lanes to the George Washington Bridge are closed due to a mysterious pup tent, causing traffic chaos, especially in Fort Lee, at the mouth of the bridge in New Jersey.  Mayor Christie is said to be at fault.

CHRISTIE: So sue me. Whatever. Get in line.


  1. Her boyfriend looks kinda young in that picture...

  2. Hi Angel, Made you laugh! (and misspell :)

    Ed, I guess Ebola can age you. Now I hear that nurse Ratchet is suing Christie because the traffic woke her from her nap. The plot is thickening.

  3. The THOUGHT that she's apparently ignorant of the fact that she could become contagious at any moment, symptoms appearing, etc. is scary enough!

    This REALLY made me laugh, Jerry!

    By the way, do you think this boyfriend of hers is dumb enough to I say........sleep with her? HOLY COW! EBOLA ROULETTE??! :-)

  4. I know Z. When I saw the video of her riding a bike in her neighborhood with that goofy looking bicycle helmet, I pictured her firing a shotgun indiscriminately at her neighbors as she passed them by. Not necessarily trying hard to hit them, but not really caring if she did because her ride was the thing. Typical progressive.