Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Crowd of corpses leave early during Obama's speech at Democratic cemetery rally

It all started when President Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail Sunday to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland and the crowd couldn't find the exits fast enough, as a heckler shouted insults.

Things only got worse for the president and the democrat's midterm prospects when, later in the day, the corpses made an early exit from a local cemetery during a Democrat rally when Obama showed up. 

This is an ominous sign. While Democrats have a history of not turning out to vote in midterm elections, they have always counted the dead vote 100% in their corner. However, if the president's sagging approval numbers are even making these corpses skittish, the upcoming election could be a massacre.


  1. The left will always have the dead vote. and the brain dead vote. and the uninformed and ignorant vote. For they are in disguises of "compassion" and of "tolerance". Some are disguised as "the working man" and some are disguised as "equal rights". When you take their mask off, you see the rot and death it hides. Some costumes huh?