Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Crusades... It's Time

(The mini-series airs 10 p.m. ET from Wednesday, Oct. 8 through Saturday, Oct. 11.)

When EWTN decided to produce a new docu-drama on the Crusades two years ago, most Americans had never heard of ISIS; no journalists had been beheaded in Iraq; and no Christian women and girls had been abducted or enslaved. Yet the Lord, with His perfect timing, knew that a mini-series on “The Crusades” needed to be ready to air in October – and so it is.

You’ve heard the tales, now learn the truth concerning the church’s role in the Crusades and its efforts to restore the Holy Land to a place of safety for Catholic pilgrims. This powerful four-part series, shot on location in seven countries, gives viewers a well-rounded understanding of an important historical event, which has repercussions in our own time.

Clearly, the Harvard students have, as Students at Harvard University claimed America is a bigger threat to world peace than the radical terrorist organization ISIS.


  1. It's getting to the point where a degree from an ivy league university carries the same distinction as being sodomized by a mountain gorilla. It's a real interesting conversation topic, but anyone with sense is a tad bit revolted.

  2. Just saw excerpts from the Harvard interviews.
    Screaming at the TV doesn't seem to help.

  3. Jess, I LIKE IT! We'll call them "Progressives in the Mist". Or maybe "... in the Fog". and I believe that getting sodomized by mountain gorillas is "EQUAL" (that last part is so their little egos aren't hurt)

    Ed, Wouldn't THAT be a great super power? Who's the guy in the yellow cape with a coiled snake? It's "SHOUTING AT THE TV MAN!" Able to peep small liberals with a single shout!

    Of course, to be a legit super hero, he has to have an Achilles heel. Kryptonite is already taken. What's his weakness?