Friday, October 17, 2014

Student's photo of Michelle O's skimpy bush meat lunch has some questioning president's Ebola policy

MICHELLE: Some people can't ever be pleased. "Skimpy"? That's a full smoked monkey head I'll have you know! People in Liberia would kill for that beauty. And a fruit bat Kabob with orange peel zest with a turnip? If it's so skimpy, why has school lunch waste increased to 86%?

"Did I say 'Turnip?' Turnip for what?"

DaBlade: I may have been born on the back of a turnip truck at night, but my momma didn't raise no vegetable. 

and now it's time for your favorite cooking show...
 The Food Network is expanding it's "Chopped" franchise and going global with the spinoff premiere of Chopped: West Africa.

Food critic and host extraordinaire Ted Allen is back, and so are the panel of his esteemed chef judges. The pilot episode was filmed in a quaint little village in Guinea, where 4 contestants are given their own fancy barrel grills. 

"chefs, open your baskets."
dried bushmeat
raw chimpanzee brain
fruit bats...

to your smokers!


  1. In a perfect world, school kids would be given tasers and the opportunity to chase the First Lady around the White House, until at least four inches of her fat ass melted away from the running.

    Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect, so they can only tell her to pound sand.

  2. Jess, It is an imperfect world but I believe you have managed to create a perfect visual.