Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Devil's Night fellow "pop" drinkers!

What do you call the night before Halloween?
An interesting regional dialect survey. Of course, it was conducted by the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, where they still insist on calling drinking fountains, "bubblers".
This was a little surprising to me, as I always assumed everyone called it Devil's Night, a night set aside to huddle inside with the family, girding our loins, keeping our heads down and warming ourselves by the Molotov cocktail fire.

Click the link above to see the individual maps for each answer. If you live in an isolated area of the country that refers to this night as "goosey night," please tell your uncle papa I said "hi".

This should have been a debate question for our presidential candidates. I'm guessing there are different activities associated with each.
Any other names for tonight?


  1. I always just called it the night before Halloween. Didn't know it had a name. Silly me. I'll go tell Uncle Papa the news ... *lol* ~:)

  2. Sparky, based on the poll results, you are in the 70 percentile majority. I happen to have a unique name for 364 out of 365 days in the year. By the way, my Traverse had a flat tire (12,000 miles) in parking lot of workplace yesterday. Coincidence or curse?

  3. I guess the use of "Devil's Night" is interlinked to calling drinks "pop".

  4. If Halloween's on a Saturday, I usually call the night before "Friday" :-) Didn't know there were special names, but enjoyed the post!
    I like Kid's idea, as usual!

  5. Ed, I know you're a pop drinker and not a coke drinker... though your coke of choice might be Coke. In any event, glad to see Ypsi survived another!

    Kid, Good one, but they probably wouldn't call it that in Detroit for obvious reasons.

    Z, Really? I am surprised. My friends and I ALWAYS knew when it was Devil's Night.