Wednesday, December 28, 2016

BiBi's West Bank Savings & Loan

Now we know what Trump meant when he said, "things will be different soon."
Many days I wake up (usually around 5am) with a thought I find humorous - usually a twist on some news story.  So first thing this morning I did my little meme above. Then I read this story (below). Sometimes I amaze myself.

 A Defiant Israel Vows to Expand Its Settlements
JERUSALEM — Undeterred by a resounding defeat at the United Nations, Israel’s government said Monday that it would move ahead with thousands of new homes in East Jerusalem and warned nations against further action, declaring that Israel does not “turn the other cheek.”


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  2. Sometimes you amaze me too. That's a fantastic idea and a great way to stick it to this outgoing piece of shit administration. I heard Krauthammer suggest that Trump turn the U.N. building into condos, but a tourist type of Las Vegas in the Gaza strip is a much better idea and maybe the only place in the world where you can get odds on a camel screwing contest.

  3. A new Trump tower in Israel. Brilliant.

  4. dr h, I have $2 perfecta box for ahkmed and muhamid to show!

    kid, the casino IS my ancestral home!

  5. If logic is allowed to intercede with the sometime ridiculous acts of the current administration, without the support of the U.S., the U.N. is nothing but a glorified corner bar patronized by moochers that make Norm look like a philanthropist.

    I think the support is gone, they'll need to close the doors, and remodel for a large house of prostitution. Only hire the best whores, and use part of the proceeds to pay off the national debt.

    I know many won't like the idea, but considering what's happened due to the United Nations, a legitimate whorehouse is as tame as Mr. Roger's neighborhood.

  6. Hey John Kerry, you Dumb Ass, better go back to school and learn your History!
    And take Dumbo with you.
    How can you recognize a two-state solution in the Middle East situation when there are three-states involved: the Israelis, the Palestinians, and the terrorist group Hamas which has de facto control over half the Palestinian land and people?
    No wonder this country has gone up Shits Creek since Mr. Hopie Changie got into office!

  7. Jess, your idea may have merit, provided the European women discover razors.

    Real Luke - Good point regarding the terrorists that el presidente refuses to acknowledge. I am for those two going back to THEIR 1967 borders. Send obama back to his Indonesian Madrassa and Kerry to vietnam where his BS can fertilize the rice paddies. Only 3 weeks to go! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. lmboooooooooo HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jerry!! JAN 20TH is right around the corner my friend! hugssssssssssssss!! xoxoxox

  9. I knew you'd like this one, Angel :) Happy New Year!