Friday, December 9, 2016

Trump's Designated Survivor

America wants to know...
Who is the kid in the Trump gear standing behind The Donald at his Iowa victory lap speech in Iowa last night, and is he the "sticker-eater" who was standing behind Hillary at her Iowa caucus speech in February? (what is it with these Iowan kids?)

PICTURED: Iowa Sticker-Eater

In other news: This newyorker piece asks:  Why Haven’t Conservative Thinkers Denounced Trump?

After listening to Trump blather about his $Trillion Dollar "Infrastructure" stimulus plan, his free childcare welfare and wealth redistribution, his Venezuelan-like injection into businesses and corporations with threats of tariffs (or promises of favoritism) - and his meetings with algore and the climate genius Leonardo Dicaprio with regards to global warming - The better question for me is - Why haven't Democrat 'thinkers' embraced Trump?

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