Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Obama: I would have beaten Trump by Rallying the GloZell Vote

OBAMA (before the election): "My name's not on the ballot, but my agenda is."

OBAMA (today): "I'm confident... thaaaaat if I had run again, I would have beaten Trump."
Per the Urban Dictionary:
A sore loser is someone who loses in a fair competition but whines about it on a constant basis, blaming everyone around them for their loss except themselves. Fun to taunt, but no fun to play with.


  1. Barack's ego has outstripped his capacity over and over again. He was a lazy man who loved to pontificate and when he took the podium in support of Hillary, all he did was howl about how the voters couldn't allow his legacy to be destroyed. They didn't listen then. Now he says they would have.

    Go with that Barack, into the sunset.

    1. Well said, LL. His honeyed staccato rhetorical flourishes made the progressive gender fluids swoon.

  2. Said this on Adrienne's blog just a minute ago...

    An old adage - You're not a man until you stop trying to convince people you are.

    And good/popular/successful products don't need to be advertised. When was the last time you saw an ad for a Corvette.

    Nothing like libtards outing themselves.

    24 Days...

    1. Count it down, Kid. The longest month in the last eight years.

  3. It wouldn't be if mister incompetence and arrogance would keep his mouth shut and show some class. Goes for his wife too.
    But that's not gonna happen.