Thursday, April 2, 2020

Biden's "No Malarkey" call to Trump

Earlier this week, Kellyanne Conway asked, (Instead of constantly criticizing the president's handling of this crisis) “Why doesn’t Vice President Biden call the White House today and offer some support?”

Yesterday during the Corona Virus briefing (and after Trump had My Pillow founder Mike Lindell read Luke's Gospel) A reporter asked whether Trump would take Joe's call.

Trump says he would 'absolutely' take a call from Biden offering advice

Later that night....
~~Cue wavy lines for Chattering Teeth Blog Dream sequence~~

*ring* *ring*

JOE: Hello mister president, this is Senator Obiden calling... errr, I mean professor JoeBama. I'm calling from my basement in the Luhan province. 

DJT: You sure? What can I do for you, Joe?

JOE:A nice lady handed me the phone and is pointing at some cue cards they want me to say. But I'm no dog-faced pony soldier! I know what I want to say, so I'll just say it, man!... [holds cell phone away from his face and looks at it confusingly]...  Why am I doing this? who's calling, man? It's time for my jello cup right after my diaper change. Who's calling?

DJT: This is President Trump. You called me, Joe. Maybe you should go lie down.

JOE: I’m not out of time! You spoke over time, and I’m going to talk!

DJT: [silence]... Did you forget why you called, Joe?

JOE: No, no! I remember. I want to give you some advice on how to handle this covfefe-19 virus that I learned from a very sage and wise man.

DJT: Obama?

JOE:: No, no. Jake Tapper. He says you're supposed to cough into your elbow and not in your hand, man. I don't think you know that since I haven't heard any of those doctors say this during those briefings of yours. By the way, is that Mister Pillow guy there with you now? I need to get me a new one of them. Mine has dried spit all over it.

DJT: I'll send you a pillow, Joe, and thanks for the advice. We good?

JOE: Oh, can you have Doctor Pillow send one for my sister-wife Jill? Did you know that she is a doctor? Whoopie told me that.

DJT: OK, two pillows.

JOE: Here's the deal, man. Since you shut down Obama's White House Pande.. panda.. pandemonium office, you might not know what you should be telling the public to do right now. Tell them to play the radio, make sure the television... make sure you have the record player on at night.

DJT: Hey! That's actually helpful. Thanks, Joe.

JOE: Bingo! In conclusion, let me remind you that we hold these truths to be self-evident... All men and women... and transgenders created by... you know... you know, the thing.

DJT: How can I get a hold of you in the future if I need some more advice?

JOE:Go to Joe 90210... errr... I mean 33030.


  1. I'm wondering how you got the actual recording of their conversation.

    1. You know DaBlade.
      He is the ultimate sleuth.
      Project Veritas is recruiting him.

    2. You already know that obama is wiretapping Trump, but I have obama's surveillance van under surreptitious observation.

  2. HA HA HAHAAhahaha

    This may have actually happened.