Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Good Saturday Disney Princess Parade

Charlotte had to cancel her 3rd Birthday party due to the Stay-at-home order from the coronavirus outbreak. As an alternative, she starred as Cinderella in a Good Saturday Princess Parade and the neighbors came out in droves to support. Her baby sister, Lydia, co-stars as Belle. After being cooped up in the house for almost a month, I think I speak for all involved - We all sure needed this!

I've watched this numerous times... not sure why it makes my eyes water each time. Maybe the lighting after being inside for so long?

My Daughter-in-law is such a special person and such a great mom. I love her so much, especially for doing this. She said she was even surprised at the neighborhood turnout. She stated all she did was send an email to one neighbor lady (I think in the HOA?) informing her of the parade plan and stating that anyone who wanted to come out to wave were more than welcome.

These kids have only lived in the neighborhood for maybe one year, so they haven't met many of the neighbors. It is a circular tract of houses with one gated entrance / exit and a very close knit group. I think they have been accepted, what do you think? Not only did nobody call "that woman governor" on us for breaking curfew, almost to a one they came out to join in the fun!

There goes my eyes watering again.

Happy Easter, everybody.


  1. THAT IS WONDERFUL! I'm going to make sure my readers come see this....HOW ADORABLE that "Princess Coach" is! And her, of course! Is that your son with the beard at the end? I loved this and am SO glad I stopped by. Happy Easter, dear buddy.....that you get tears in your eyes for this emphasizes you're the GREAT GUY I've always thought you were :-) xxx

  2. Yes, that is my middle son, Joe, as the stagecoach driver. I love him too (but the running joke is not to acknowledge that since he is the middle child lol) Thank you for your friendship, Z!

  3. Excellent! Thank you for this ...

  4. Yes Excellent. Very cute and Good on the neighbors.