Sunday, April 5, 2020

Cabin fever setting in...

Tale of the tape: "uncle" Josh is the guy in the roller blades doing all the work. He is Mr and Mrs DaBlade's youngest boy of 3. In the wagon are our two favorite Disney princesses, Charlotte (3 yrs old this Easter!) and her little sister, Lydia (2 in October) - Our only two grandchildren (so far) thanks to our middle son and his wife. It is their neighborhood we are traversing in the video. The white GSD is Kruger, who belongs to the girls. He is a powerful, yet good-natured dog who only sees the best in people - Unlike his brother, Zeke (our dog) who is probably home and trying to bust thru the front window to get to the UPS man as this video is taken. This was taken about 2 weeks ago, the last time we were able to visit due to this horrible lock down. I'll be glad when this is over!

(fb message from my daughter-in-law)


  1. That looks like a nice day.
    We had a white shepherd like that when I was a kid.
    Named Digger. Guess why.
    That dog was strong and would pull us down the street in our red wagon.

    1. Love this dog (and his brother, Kruger, in the vid). So different than the female black lab we had prior to him. The brothers will be 5 this september. Zeke likes to dig occasionally, but only shallow graves for whatever bone Mrs Blade has brought him.

    2. All the dogs we've taken care of have been truly wonderful but if someone asked me for advice on what kind of dog to adopt it would be Labrador.

  2. Honestly, they are such a responsibility but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am convinced he keeps my blood pressure down.