Thursday, April 30, 2020

Monkey Post #2,061

You can't stumble to this blog without seeing a monkey post on occasion. That's because whenever you read or hear about a news story involving monkey farts, I want you to immediately think of this blog. [tear rolling down my cheek like that old commercial of the Indian canoeing in pollution]

Today's offering (from Live Science):
Robot 'spy' gorilla records wild gorillas singing and farting, because nature is beautiful
Pictured - A mountain gorilla family in Uganda peers into the "spy" camera.

You'll have to read the story to see whether the robot spy monkey really resembles Nan Pelosi (and the chorus of flatulating gorillas sounds exactly like Congress back in session).

I watched the video... I don't think that's 'singing', but hey - everyone's a critic.

Now to establish my creds as a dedicated part-time independent self-proclaimed primate specialist and self-described world renowned leader in monkey posts - a walk down memory lane...

We covered Naruto the monkey selfies and copyright laws

we covered Thailand’s “Uncle Fat” Macaque
...the morbidly obese wild monkey who gorged himself on junk food and soda left behind by tourists.

we covered that controversial gorilla zoo shooting of HaRambo(?)... Maha Rumba?.. Bubbarambe? whatever - where we asked the philosophical question: If Hillary Clinton fell into a gorilla enclosure, would the silverback gorilla smoke a cigar and go golfing?

and this for some reason...
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and heir apparent successor, the Ikea coat-wearing monkey.

we also covered the untimely death of the beloved  Pedals the walking Bear (not a primate, but was bullied by one)

..and many, many more (not counting the literally thousands and figuratively millions of sasquatch and bigfoot updates).

So keep your browser steered here for your primate news needs.


  1. You definitely are my go-to guy for monkey fart memes!

  2. Thanks , bro, I hope you’re not just saying that (tear... cheek... indian)

  3. Ha Ha ! Don't do sign language with these critters. They can get Nastier than a democrat with stage 12 hemorrhoids and an over-supply of sexual tension !

    1. Haha! You sound as if you are not guessing at this? You know better then to get near a democrat’s cage or their preparation h.

  4. Whenever I want to understand the meaning behind the headline news, I go to Kid’s blog.

    Whenever I become confused about the meaning of life, the truth behind the science, or what day it is, I come here to Chattering Teeth to learn ... um ... well, to learn. Although, I must admit, I’m not sure why you continually post pictures of the former first ... um ... lady or why studying members of her family is important. The truth is, I’ve never been particularly interested in Democrats, especially those with gobs of excrement hanging off their bottoms. Tell you what, though, my all-time favorite monkey video is of the dimwit elder family member who handed a loaded AK-47 to one of the kids and then acted surprised when he started shooting at everyone. See also:

    What did I learn today? I didn’t know about monkey farts. I thought those sounds were daily DNC talking points. Thanks to you, I feel smarter, prepared for the day, and ready to go out and make my mark in the world but ... um ... I don’t know what a mark is.

    One final point ... and this is important. My great-great-grandfather did not (a) leave trash laying around in California, (b) never left home during a mandatory Smallpox lockdown, or (c) shoot that tearful namby-pamby Indian. He didn’t shoot that Indian because he somehow knew that the Indian’s offspring would one day become a powerful politician in Massachusetts.

    So, thank you Mr. DaBlade for all you do for us.

  5. Mr Mustang, you humble me with your apparent recognition of my is an honor for you to know this blog snd its contributions to society. It is a non partisan blog, which is why one day i might feature the great president Trump, and the next day feature one of the plethora of monkey’s a$$es on the democrat side. I’ll comment further after i finish with these work files, and am relaxing with a bourbon to watch that video link you posted...

  6. It is inside the Beltway, Sam.

  7. WHAT THA!!? HAHAHAHAHA!!! I just watched that video. The Indian has wiped his tears and is smiling again!

  8. Actually, it was filmed to promote the movie :)