Thursday, April 17, 2008

El Papa's Home run

Pope Benedict XVI batted one thousand in the Rose Garden and had this solo shot home run in the "first inning" of his visit to The United States, taking a substantial lead on the democrat secularists.

From Maximus on, commenting on the Pope's Rose Garden address:
I hope secular media reporters and pundits paid close attention, because this is a Pope who understands America: it's history, the principles of it's Founding, and the attributes that make it great. I'd say the Holy Father understands our Founding principles better than 75% of the members of Congress.
Amen to that brother! Maximus includes the full text of The Pope's speech. Here is the closing paragraph of El Papa's address:

"Mr. President, dear friends: as I begin my visit to the United States, I express once more my gratitude for your invitation, my joy to be in your midst, and my fervent prayers that Almighty God will confirm this nation and its people in the ways of justice, prosperity and peace. God bless America!"

If this doesn't make you "verklempt", then you must be Barack Obama. Or Hillary. Or work for their campaigns. Or you are a typical democrat voter.
Battle Hymn of the Republic - US Army Chorus

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