Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When will the fat lady sing?

Naysayers keep predicting her doom as supporters scramble to raise the needed millions of dollars to keep her in the game. This is a tough business, and she has been showing the wear and tear for some time now. Her facade is cracked, yet she has stood strong through it all. But it appears her time may be running out. She has been replaced by a younger "bright and shiny" alternative who promises "Hope" and "Change". What the new guy lacks in experience, he makes up for with youthful exuberance. However, it appears the new guy is stumbling a bit...

OK, so you're on to me and have figured out that I am not talking about Hillary and Barack. I am, of course, referring to the current misfortunes of Tiger Stadium, the "Neglected and Decrepit" former home of the Detroit Tigers, located at "The Corner" of Michigan and Trumbull. Yes, I know. "Neglected and Decrepit" accurately describes the old battle axe as well.

If I may indulge for just a moment of nostalgia. Tiger Stadium will always hold a special place in my heart, as well as it will for thousands of others I'm sure. For myself, I readily admit that going to a Tigers game was never a frequent stop in my youth. Growing up in a large family and money a little tight, what with my father's cops salary, we didn't make the trip down from Flint with any regularity. But when we did, oh man! Maybe the infrequent visits made it all the more special, for I always felt like I was visiting a castle. All of it was special. The road trip- the first sighting of the stadium - parking a mile away and walking past vendors selling pennants, pencils, and caramel corn- walking up the stadium ramp- even the semi-obstructed view was cherished. The three-fingered baseball mitt firmly ensconced on my left hand, I was ready to rock and roll!

From The Detroit News today:
DETROIT -- The clock is ticking once again on the destruction of old Tiger Stadium, with a nonprofit group racing to raise $15 million to save part of the vacant ballpark before demolition begins in a matter of weeks. Work to tear down most of the historic stadium and sell it for scrap is slated to begin as soon as private contractors can get started.

We now return to the regularly scheduled blog and the bashing of Clinton and Obama:
So when I fired up the browser this morning, hot cup of Joe in hand, the bold Drudge headlines screamed "Clinton 55, Obama 45". I thought to myself, "wow, they BOTH really suck at bowling".

Then, of course, I realized the reference was to the Pennsylvania primary results. So Hillary gets her double-digit victory. Is this enough of a margin to derail the superdelegate Obama train and result in continued chaos of the democrat party? One can only "Hope".

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