Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"This is the big one Elizabeth!"

According to "the good" reverend Jeremiah Wright, an attack on him is an attack on the black church.

"This is the big one Elizabeth! I'm comin' to join ya honey!"

Sanford and Son reference? (I always wanted to link back to myself. Is that wrong?)


  1. Since you linked back to yourself I linked to you so we have a carousel thing goin'.

  2. Man!! The number of visitors to your blog is going through the roof!!

    P.S. Tell Algore we are expecting record low temps tonight.

  3. MD- Thanks. I got caught in that cyber-link loop for over an hour!

    Hey Pic Pic- Cover them tomatoes tonight (and them jewels tomorrow!)

  4. Pic-Pic, it's cold out here in space!