Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weed- diculous!

So I'm driving home from work last night listening to the Phil Valentine show. He had an interesting analogy for the war on terrorism that I hadn't heard before. He equated terrorism to weeds growing in his yard. He said that the weeds were under control, but he would never be able to declare victory. Every so often, a weed crops up, requiring Phil to respond with a shot of Roundup. One time, he explained, his yard was neglected for quite a while, and the weeds took over the yard and garden. Phil fought back with his Roundup and eventually gained control once again.

Hmmm. Simple, but effective.

Obama has been attempting to make political hay out of John McCain's "100 years" in Iraq comments. McCain has made the point repeatedly that we must stay as long as it takes for victory. A peacetime presence is a helluva lot cheaper than a premature pullout coupled with a Middle East explosion of "weeds". Obama has taken out of context and outright misrepresented McCain on this at every turn. Gee, I guess he is a savy politician.

John McCain responded,
"With all due respect, he does not understand the elements, fundamental elements of national security and warfare, because that's exactly what we did in Korea and that's what we did after World War II. That's what we did in Kuwait after the first Gulf War, and it has been what's happened in conflicts we've had in the latter part of the twentieth century. He displays a fundamental misunderstanding of history, of how we've maintained national security and what we need to do in the future to maintain our security in the face of a transcendent challenge of radical Islamic extremism -- and I understand that, because he has no experience or background in any of it.
Barack Obama responds to Phil Valentine: (not really)
Mr. Valentine. You must look at your situation from the weeds perspective. You must understand the weeds rage against you. After all, you are an occupier who has made a settlement on the weeds' homeland. You make no attempt to negotiate for peace. Instead, you admit to perpetrating heinous acts of chemical warfare against these poor weeds. Weedocide! My advice to you is to give the weeds the garden. Perhaps these nuisance plants will ignore their nature of choking off life that isn't them. Perhaps they will see your initiative as an olive branch extended, and stop their march toward your front door.


  1. Phil Valentine!! Isn't he on that dynamic powerhouse radio station Suuuper Talk 1570? That station has great entertainment/information shows.

  2. We've spent about 3 Trillion Dollars ($3,000,000,000,000) for Round-up in a lawn full of weeds that posed no threat of moving to our lawn.

    For less than half of that money, we could have done a lot towards actually catching Bin Laden, and had enough money left over to build about 3,000 schools teaching Afghan boys and girls science, math and English, and how not to hate everything Western and American, plus maybe a few schools here back at home as well.

    Oh, and about 4,000 National Guard gardeners would still be state-side guarding the nation. OUR NATION.

  3. Kevin my friend! Thanks for commenting. Glad you found me. let me know when you're blogging again.

    As to your post, I like the last part about shoring up our borders, but it shouldn't be an either/or thing. As for the little boys and girls growing up hating us for imposing freedom and democracy on them, how will they feel if we pull out under Hillary or Obama, leaving them to the wolves?

  4. Three trillion dollars, hundreds of thousands killed and injured because Bill Clinton refused to take Bin Laden when other countries offered him to us.

  5. Since the entire annual budget of the United States next year will be $3 Trillion it's amusing to see that number thrown around as the cost of Operation Iraqi Freedom/ Operation Enduring Freedom. As a primer the left might want to consider that the entire defense budget is only about 15-17% of the national budget. Then again I make a nice living out of trading against the math challenged--- so don't ever change Mr. Mckague. The ease with which you dish out utter and complete bullbleep is amazing however. By the way, if we have killed 25-30,000 jihadists inside Iraq does that make it worth it? Rather have them in Traverse City, Toledo and Fort Wayne, Indiana? Or, maybe like the $3Trillion figure you're certain they don't exist.

  6. First of all, most of the money I got to spend in Iraq was not out of the regular budget, but that supplimenary budgit. Dick sent me these links so read up on it, and let me know what they say.

    As for all those "jihadists", I hate to say it, but some of those in that number you quoted were likely innocent civilians. Also, I'm glad to see that there is somebody out there who still believes that "fightin' them there so we don't have to fight them here" line of mine. I told Dick that nobody would believe it, but apparently he was right.

    Now if we could just take some of that money we spent in Iraq recruiting, I mean killing jihadists and get Bin Laden. I'll leave that for the next guy. (he-he..)

    One more thing before I go...that McKague guy (yes, I think that is the way he spells it) might be a nut, but he and I are the only ones here so far with the cajones to sign our own name!

  7. We now have proof that a dipwad who is so braindead to think we "spent 3 trillion $$$'s" in Iraq is also clueless enough to think that anyone who knows President Bush calls him "Georgie." Why not Shrub? Or the always popular Chimpy W. Bushitler, kev.

  8. We now have proof that a dipwad who is so braindead to think we "spent 3 trillion $$$'s" in Iraq is also clueless enough to think that anyone who knows President Bush calls him "Georgie."


    Further proof that conservatives are intellectually incapable of understanding any sort of satire.

    No, Monkey, really....the intention here was to make you all think that the President of the United States visited.!

    Monkeydarts, would that be from the Pennsylvania Monkeydarts?

    Don't forget to read those links on the supplemental budget costs to the Iraqi war, Mr. Monkeydarts.

  9. Kevin, that link you sent of the trusted source CNN was from October of 2006. Surely there must be at least 655,000 additional "innocent" deaths on Georgie's hands. Possibly you could get us updated information from the daily kos, the huffington post, newsweek, media matters, or Georgie Soros.

    As for innocents getting killed? This is a war zone.
    You say "tomato", I say "jihadist".