Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Obligatory Petraeus post

General Petraeus testified on Capital Hill yesterday with a message that made the Democrats cringe. Namely, that we are winning. However, our gains remain "fragile and reversible" and therefore refused to buckle to a verbal onslaught for a timetable. Carl "Clueless in Michigan" Levin joined in the questioning fray of the good general. Not really a fair fight, is it? Petraeus word-slapped Levin so hard it knocked his eye glasses straight.

Of course, the Democrats "hear no progress, see no progress, and speak no progress". "I wish we could come to a point where we could come to an agreement on the facts," says Senator Lieberman in this Hotair clip.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama wants to "talk" to Iran. You needn't worry, your rhetoric of surrender and defeat has spoken loud and clear. It has allowed Mahmoud to feel comfortably emboldened in churning out thousands of new uranium-enriching centrifuges. He is obviously assuming that a democrat will win the Whitehouse in
November, and he will have free reign to accomplish his goals, which seem to be:
(A) Build bomb [ ],
(B) Nuke Tel Aviv [ ],
(C) Start armagedon [ ],
(D) Become a martyr [ ],
(E) Virgins! [ ]

Cockroaches like a darkened kitchen and the democrats have been promising to shut off the lights in the Middle East once they assumed power. The sad truth is that Iran will need to be dealt with one way or another. We better be dealing with them from a position of strength, which includes keeping them in a vise between Iraq and
Afghanistan. Makes it easier to spray the Raid if need be, dontcha think?

"I do not believe we are going to be able to stabilize the situation (in Iraq) without them (Iranians)," Barack Obobblehead-bama stated. Huh? It's the exact opposite you clayhead! The situation would stabilize in Iraq WITHOUT Iran's presence and interference. The question really is, how best to extricate Iran from Iraq and
Ahmadinejad from power. You can't negotiate for peace with this lunatic, as Obama is suggesting.

No Obama, peace must be won, which means that you and your ilk must be defeated.

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  1. Maps like that always make me think... Iraq looks like the world's largest aircraft carrier sitting smack dab between Iran and Syria. Beautiful sight.