Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"You know," Hillary lies. (Yes, we know)

I'm beginning to think that Hillary Clinton is not acquainted with the truth. There, doesn't that sound better than calling her a pathological liar, a congenital liar, a habitual truth offender, or simply a cold and calculating !itch? What's more, Hillary's fibs (sarcasm forthcoming) may not be a recent phenomenon (Take cover! incoming!).

Sorry. Had a Hillary Bosnia flashback again.

Is there a pattern here? Some of her well known whoppers date back to wild Bill's administration. Off the top of my head - there was "cattle futures", "Whitewater", "The ballad of Vinny Foster," and "Travelgate". Oh yah, and she claimed to be named after mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary when the chronology doesn't work. Her truth allergy continues as Senator. Didn't she vote for the Iraqi war resolution while being against it at the same time? So much nuance and so little time.

Of course, HillBill had always been the media's darling so they pretty much had free reign and always allotted a generous portion of "willing suspenion of disbelief." "I mispoke" was always an acceptable answer in the past. But now there is a new rock star in town named BHO. No, that doesn't stand for Bachman Hussein Overdrive. (B-b-b-b-baby you just ain't seen nuthin' yet!) Obama is apparently the new media darling and HillBill has been kicked to the curb.

How do you know Hillary is lying? I believe that it is now well documented that 98.5% of what follows a Hillary "you know" is a blatant falsehood. (Monkeydarts recently pointed out Hillary's "tortured syntax and her use of 'you know' in every sentence"). You know, she doesn't do much better without the "you know," you know?

Clinton Drops Health Insurance Nightmare Story After Facts Are Disputed
Why? It's never stopped Michael Moore.


  1. "You know, we've been hearing these sorts of attacks for, you know, years. It's because, you know, the far right doesn't want us to, you know, help the American people. Their answer is, you know, to just let people die because of lack of, you know, health insurance. But I'm in it to win it. Because, you know, I have so many great opportunities to, you know, give America."

  2. Just saw this actual quote from Hillary! when she was asked on Fox & Friends about Obama's claim that he knows more about foreign policy than her (and McCain). "So, you know, I, I ,I don't, I don't know, I'm speechless. I mean, you know, making an assertion like that belies the facts and the record."

    I thought what I MADE UP was bad. At least I didn't have her saying, "You know, I don't know."

  3. Here is a report about a state that the Democrats have locked up.
    Note that though there are Red areas on the West Coast Peninsular Region, and a small splotch of Red in the Center, this State is predominantly Blue. Here is the State's Map: