Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flint town entrepreneurialism

The story of the Kettering University student who built his own replica German World War II Panzer tank is old news around here, but it appears that Fox News has picked up on it. The Panzer even has a "working cannon powered by an air tank that can fire golf balls and empty cans of Red Bull." That'a boy! If there is one thing that Flint town has never lacked, it's the good old entrepreneurial spirit! (and large caliber weapons).

And I used to think I drove a tank in my "yute". While my '74 Chevrolet Impala was no Panzer, it had about the same amount of reinforced armor and got about the same gas mileage. That was a great car (*sigh*). However, it did not have a mounted cannon that shot Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans because that would have been a waste of perfectly good beer ("good beer" used loosely here. "Loosely" used as in bowels, after having drank a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer).

Early '80s- My friend (let's call him "Chris") did equip his car with a water cannon back in the day. He ran a plastic tube from the window washer reservoir and exiting near the license plate in the back. I have no idea how it was powered (I was enjoying a Pabst at the time), but I remember it had it's own button on the dash. The business end of the tube was angled in such a way that when he pressed the button, water would roostertail from the back of his car, surprizing the unsuspecting tailgater. Convertibles were the best. Chris now can fix anything around the office (including the state-of-the-art $30M press). Ahhh. Flint town entrepreneurialism.

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