Friday, July 3, 2015

Everyday Heroes Profile

Today, we here at the spacious Chattering Teeth Blog Studios salute CDC Logistics Management Specialist George Roark. Roark was "Born to Lead" and according to that linked bio...

"is exactly the kind of person you’d want during an emergency response."

When cholera erupted on the streets of Haiti, eventually killing 5,000 and sickening 300,000 people, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control took action. Emergency Management Specialist George Roark, who received a master's degree in health care administration from Trinity in 1996, was deployed to the scene from his Georgia office to investigate the cause of the disease, which ran rampant when thousands of homeless Haitians crowded the streets.

Roark is also a family man, and in his "free time"  he runs "an annual hunt for medically fragile children and injured soldiers at his family ranch called Daggerhorn in Alabama."

"We hunt deer, but really it's just a tremendous growth experience for the kids and vets. We treat everybody the same and give them the full experience of hunting and being in control. We never have to ask for volunteers. There are always a huge number of people who just show up to help."

My guess is that his impressive career may be coming to an abrupt end after speaking the truth and calling out obama as “the worst pres we have ever had,” an “amateur” and “Marxist”.

Roark is voicing his displeasure due to the tsunami of illegal minors swamping our borders and bringing with them swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola and tuberculosis.... oops, my bad! I see we are now supposed to call these disease-carrying illegals "Unaccompanied Alien Children" (UAC).

Thank you for your dedication Mr. Roark. America needs more courageous men like yourself standing up and speaking truth, no matter the cost.


  1. nice tribute Jerry! Blessed Independence Day to you and yours my friend!!! red white and blue hugsssssssss!!! :-)

  2. Excellent as always DaBlade. And I totally agree with what Cube said. Our world is upside down, backwards, and inside out. "Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life here!"

  3. Boy, I wish I was as enthusiastic about the Fourth as WHT (Angel) blog even brings ME down!
    Mr. Roark is a HERO. Does he still have his JOB?
    Upside down, backwards and inside out..Sparks is right.

    God bless, Jerry. xx Z

  4. Thanks for the patriotic hugs, Angel. Back at ya!

    cube, I had no intention of actually posting that li'l tribute cuz its not really what I do (what do I do?) but I did because society is upside down, as you say. As for the heroes on T-shirts, I just received my Chattering Teeth T from cafe press. A little expensive but I deserve. I bet there is a cube in there warehouse somewhere :)

    Sparky, Thanks, and I agree about the lack of intelligent life. Phasers on stunned.

    Z, I miss feeling that patriotic, don't you? Yes, I know you do. I assume there has been no disciplinary action taken agst Mr. Roark, but I can't find anything on that yet. Hopefully he doesn't contract some highly contagious disease under suspicious circumstances. At least he doesn't suffer from liberalism or progressivism or marxism. Those bugs are nasty.

  5. Jerry, I REALLY DO MISS THAT, SO MUCH!! I agree with you.
    Mr. Roark would definitely have caught a contagious disease if he was in Moscow right now and did what he did to Putin!