Thursday, July 16, 2015

No Life on Pluto, says Planned Parenthood SpokesKiller

Apparently, we have some spaceship doing a flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto, and NASA has just released this amazing image!

Yet another orb in this solar system devoid of intelligent life.
NOTE: Yes, I recycled an old image of mine from 2012 -
Did Mars Rover Curiosity Already Find Life?!

I wonder if the Martians and Plutonians realize they can make money harvesting the organs from these aborted tissue masses ?


  1. It's devoid because the Baby Killer Planned Parenthood slime got there first!

  2. You're right Sparky! Thank Gaia there wasn't a confederate flag planted there!

  3. People who sell fetus body parts......what more can we say?
    Think there are any conservatives in that bunch? Heck, even some liberals are actually criticizing these monsters!
    Push them all off the cliff!

  4. this is so beyond the pale Jerry..Lord help us all! xoxoxox

  5. Ed, The "war of microaggressions". All I could think of was Michael Crichton's novel, "Prey", but I know what you meant and I like what you did there!

    Z, it is disgusting, but in an unshocked and unsurprised kindof way. For me, this story did nothing to make the practice of abortion any more evil, the same way as the latest muslim terrorist shooting didn't surprise anyone who doesn't watch npr, cnn, msnbc or the other BS "news". Push them all off the cliff! I like that!

    Angel, we are surrounded, and ruled by monsters.