Saturday, July 11, 2015

Future Shock: Indian Burial Grounds Discovered at Future Detroit Red Wings Arena Site

Implosion Brings Historic Detroit Hotel Crumbling To Ground
The Park Avenue Hotel, built in the 1920s and abandoned since 2003, was imploded Saturday morning. It was brought down as part of a $650 million development project to create a 45-acre downtown sports and entertainment district, anchored by a new Detroit Red Wings arena.

That part is true. What may be a fig newton of my machinations is the rest of this blog story.

DETROIT - Bill & Ted's Excellent Demolition company brought down some old and abandoned 13-story building with 200lbs of TNT this morning and inadvertently opened a temporary time warp portal in the smoldering hole in the ground. Tired of being just a pair of boring old mortar forkers at the construction company, our heroes leaped through the time portal in search for adventure.

Witnesses nearby (homeless crack heads who were staying at the abandoned hotel) insist that Bill & Ted disappeared into the portal and were only gone for mere moments. The boys reappeared wearing Red Wing jerseys, eating Little Caesar's pizza and carrying the Stanley Cup.

Ted: Dude, are you sure we should be doing this?

Bill: Ted, you and I have witnessed many things, but nothing as bodacious as what just happened.

Future home of the Detroit Red Wings 2017


  1. This whole Red Skins, Confederate Flag, etc. nonsense is a dog and pony show so people won't notice the devil in the White House. I'll be so thankful when this train wreck of wickedness is between the pages of our history books and we can "just move on".

  2. Can't say I agree, Sparky. To Natives, the r*dsk*ns word is akin to the N word. There's no need for it, and team names are easy to change. The Confederate battle flag is a symbol of anti-Americanism.

    Obama is not a "Devil", though I would agree that most of his policies are worse than the alternatives available. and this country is much worse off due to his regime (millions of jobs lost, the debt almost doubled). But he is just a man who was elected after a vague and deceptive campaign, not a "Devil".

  3. Sparky, I'm not so sure we will be able to just "move on" after the damage that has been done to this country, culture and destruction of the rule of law. We no longer live in a constitutional republic. I heard Mark Levin say something not long ago I have been thinking for the longest time. Namely, we need a president for our side like obama, but instead of running over law and tradition to the left, he run over everything, throwing punches all the way back to the right - stepping on and crushing every libtard in the road.

    dmarks, I can't agree with you on this mentality of "that offends me so take it down, burn that book, etc." Don't go to the football game. Don't read that book. Don't salute that flag if you don't like it, but to most southern folks, it does not symbolize anything more than history, heritage and pride. Christians are the target of this witch hunt, and I have no doubt obama is a tool of the evil one.