Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Jebster's Campaign of Love

Jeb Bush Says He Was "herido" by Trump Remarks About Mexicans.

and now... reminiscent of President Abraham Lincoln's whistle-Stop speeches from the back of trains...

Jeb Bush horn-honk campaign from the back of illegals pickup truck in full swing.



  1. Herido? I thought he said "burrito". Maybe he did, and his interpreter was covering his lunch order with political rhetoric.

  2. Jess, THAT makes much more sense. Bravo! No wonder he is so full of hot air.

  3. 'Burrito'!!

    I don't dislike Bush as much as you two apparently do.
    I was VERY disappointed with Cruz when he took after McConnell, so transparently trying to trump Trump in attitude and grab some air back from The Donald...i'd just started really liking Cruz :-(

    I do think we need to get to civility, but why's it only the Right who has to do that? Obama goes to Ethiopia and slams America again and WE have to be civil?

  4. Z, I don't like the Jebster because he is not a conservative. I love Cruz because he is one, and there aren't many to pick from. I'm also for civility when called for, just not compromise with the left. I'm also for bloodying noses when called for, and I do believe we are overdue for the latter. As for Obama, I think we both can agree we desire Ethiopa to keep him :)

  5. Very good DaBlade! I'm from Florida, Jeb Bush is NOT CONSERVATIVE. He's a typical Bush Socialist. As far as I'm concerned, we should all be peeing on the Bushes. *lol*

  6. I think Jeb should keep speaking Spanish. I think he should speak Spanish during the entire upcoming debate. Why? The more Spanish he speaks, the lower his numbers drop and the sooner he gets knocked out of the race, the better. Jeb can do for hispanics what obola did for blacks.
    I have nothing against hispanics, but I don't think I'm crazy to expect a president that speaks for all of us and not just to one specific group.