Thursday, July 30, 2015

Killing Zeke

Zeke is our White Sheperd puppy. He enjoys playing fetch with his favorite orange ball, and loves to play tug-o-war with his white stuffed 'lambie' toy with the obnoxious squeakers. Here is the latest Youtube video of Zeke in action. I'm sure it will go viral.

Zeke's diet, until recently, consisted of homemade dog food prepared by Mrs. DaBlade in the crock pot or oven, whichever the latest recipe called for. Usually she would cook a dish with chicken and/or beef with various vegetables, but always with the secret super puppy ingredient. Hint: I really miss the aroma of simmering sardines wafting through the house. *sarcasm*

Apparently, Zeke gets bored when left alone for four hours and fills his time by reading. I imagine he pads over to browse the collection on the bookshelf, pulling out a single selection, curling up on his bed to read.  When finished, I imagine he carefully replaces each tome in its slot and takes another. That is, until...

Zeke's first birthday isn't until September 5th, but already he has proven to be a discerning literary critic. This picture is Zeke's recent book reviews of Bill O'Reilly's 'Killing Jesus' and 'Killing Lincoln'. Definitely "Four Paws Down".

Many other books were within reach but no others were out of place except for these two. I have no other explanation than to believe that Zeke is not a fan of O'Reilly. I agree, Zeke. Too moderate.

Zeke loves when my middle son and wife pops in with their two dogs, Krueger and Koda. Krueger is Zeke's brother, and Koda is a 4-yr-old beautiful black and tan female Sheperd who doesn't usually care for the brother's rambunctiousness. Koda also loves to play fetch and usually wins the race to the ball, but Zeke always picks her pocket by taking it from her - no matter how many times she tries to spin away from him. 
Left to right: Zeke, Koda, Krueger


  1. So Zeke is Conservative by virtue of the books he reads, um ...eats? :-)
    BEAUTIFUL dogs...and maybe you should have named Zeke TOM BRADY? inflated IS that ball?

  2. Zeke is a beautiful puppy. Does he like the water? We can't get our German Shepherd, Elke, or our Doberman, Maxine, into the water unless we make them and that's no fun.

    Our German Shepherd, Dax, who has passed on but is not forgotten, dined on Harry Potter books exclusively. Our current crop of dogs don't like to 'read'.

    Elke, who looks very much like Koda, never fails to end up with the ball in fetch, whether she catches it first off or she has to steal it.

  3. None of my dogs 'read' (thank goodness or I would have penned 'none of my previous dogs') but one Boxer, now deceased, was a tree connoisseur. I would plant them, she would shred them. Or perhaps she was complaining about their placement, the jury is still out on that. The only cure for that canine epicure was a thrashing with tree remains. She changed her diet after that.
    PS: Beautiful dogs! I want one! ~:)

  4. I had a white shepherd as a kid.
    He used to pull our wagon down the street.
    He also used to dig out from the backyard, something the neighbors would make us aware of by telling us what part of town they'd seen him at in the middle of the night.
    He answered to "Digger".
    Most of the time.

  5. Z, Yes, sardines. According to Tina, the oils are supposed to be good for their coat or something. OK the Brady line was hilarious. And you have a good eye. The ball is more like a half ball made of rubber and not inflated at all :)

    cube, Thankfully Zeke hasn't jumped into the pool. We have a vinyl liner so I don't think it'd be a good idea. He loves the hose though. Your dogs Elke and Maxine sound like quite the pair. I've never had a Doberman but they are beautiful looking dogs. Our black lab, Ally, is gone but not forgotten, and perhaps she and Dax are acquainted and playing fetch in the big yard upstairs.

    Sparky, Haha! A Boxer with an affinity for saplings. Dogs have quite the personality, don't they? We got Zeke shortly after my middle boy got married and moved out (yes in that order. Shocking, isn't it?) Koda is his dog but was living with us. We fell in love with her or I never would have considered that breed.

    Ed, Sounds like Digger was trying to escape from his life of servitude pulling the wagon :) I'm thinking about turning Chattering Teeth into a dog blog, all dogs, all the time. What do u think?

  6. Dog gone good idea.
    Better than cats.
    I'm allergic to cats.