Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ghost of Free Markets Past

PICTURED:The ghost of free markets past drags a heavy chain of debt forged by years of fiscal neglect and government spending. Obama has promised to lengthen this chain aggressively during his rule.

Last Thursday, 200,000 people gathered on the Mall in Washington in The March for Life to protest on the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. You wouldn't know this if you simply followed the MSM. Close to zero coverage of this. Yet if 2 or 3 nutjob "progressives" from PETA or Code Pink collect on a street corner somewhere to protest mistreatment of a 100-year-old lobster or the existence of a U.S. Marine recruiting station, you can bet your a$$ there would be hundreds of reporters and photograhers there to record it and to cheer them on. *sigh*

Speaking of nutjob progressives, did any of you get the same text message from Obama as I received from him this morning?

It read:
People of the world, I command you to STOP listening to Rush Limbaugh so that I have a free hand in getting things done. from your messiah-in-chief, President Barack Obama... P.S. I WON!

I responding with my own text message back that read:
You're going to have to put your hand on my shoulder and attempt to give me an intimidating stare when you talk to me sir. I promise I'll try not to laugh in your face.

My insolence seemed to grab his undivided attention.

OBAMA: I will not be defied.
ME: "I will trump YOU on that."
OBAMA: You are not of the body! Have you not said THE PLEDGE?!
ME: Get used to it.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says his party will pose a "principled resistance" when appropriate, but will also try to work with the Obama administration.

What the heck does that mean? I picture Pee Wee Herman on the ground after having been kneed in the groin by the giant schoolyard bully, handing over his lunch money from his prone position (like he does every school day), then mumbling quietly to himself after the bully leaves: "OK, just this one more time."

I don't enjoy being so harsh on McConnell, but the Republicans are responsible for our current predicament by turning their backs to conservative ideals and principles. As a result, the "Democratics" are in firm control of all three branches of government, while McCain and the rest of the "Republicanics" are waving the unofficial fourth branch of government, that being the "olive branch", as if they are seeking The One's head nod of approval.

What priorities of Obama's do Republicans plan to work with him on? Perhaps he deserves complicit cooperation in the TRILLION DOLLAR + spending spree that includes the complete government takeover of the banking system and complete destruction of our economy and of free markets. After this, why not just throw in nationalized health care. His tax cuts (sic) to those who don't actually pay any taxes. Should we be agreeable that Obama will close Club Gitmo and grant the terrorists held there freedom to continue war against us? Should we get excited that he will be squandering even more of our future tax dollars into the bottomless pit of the public school system; of fake "GREEN" technologies with zero payback; with the boondogle "bricks-and-shovels" government jobs that do nothing for economic growth, but rather just adds to the anchor of debt that already resembles Scrooge's invisible, yet monstrous chain?

I know! we should all just resign ourselves to the left's advancement of the culture of death by putting an end to our objections to it. We should simply start drinking the red Kool Aid of fetal blood and snacking on freeze-dried fruit and human embryo trail mix so we can be as desensitized to the 36 years since Roe V Wade legalized this mass slaughter and butchery of some 50 million human beings.

Obama has stated his desire to decrease abortions during his campaign. He has demonstrated this "priority" in his first week of office by signing an executive order that Rescinds Protection against Torturing, Killing Children in the Womb.

*My cell phone buzzes with an incoming text*

OBAMA: Resistance is futile.
ME: LONG LIVE THE BLOGGER RESISTANCE! (you all know who you are).


Z said...

I will be blogging on that too.."I WON" "Don't listen to Rush"..Ya, he SCARES Obama witless...With a congress so eager to do his bidding, Rush is the ONLY thing that stands between obama and the HIS KINGDOM.

YOu know, I just don't get something; i thought Bush was going along with the Dems because they threatened to pull money from Iraq.
Well...what for reason are our idiots succombing NOW?

The definition of BIPARTISAN for the Left is : EVERYBODY BUYS OUR CRAP. WHEn are the stupid Republicans going to see that? What's UP?

Unless this really IS a big plan to drive our economy into the ground and we all go to the EURO or the AMERO? What other POSSIBLE explanation?

Chuck said...

Two things.

One, why are the Repubs in Congress working with him after his comments this week? It's like they're his little biotches.

Two, don't you love Obama's not allowing us to splash a little water in the face of a terrorist to keep the animals (oops, sorry, peace loving Muslims) from killing innocent Americans but he wants us to pay to have millions of innocent babies torn apart alive and ripped from their mothers womb?

DaBlade said...

Z- The definition of BIPARTISAN for the Left is : EVERYBODY BUYS OUR CRAP.

Seems like the Republicans have settled back into their subservient roles from the pre-1994 "contract with America" days. I don't get it. Unless it's because it is a certainty that Obama's agenda will fail miserably, giving them a chance thru default again.

Chuck- It's like they're his little biotches.

:) I agree. Seems like they would try to be the breaks to this runaway bus. You know, try to limit the freakin' long termdamage from this guy!

RightKlik said...

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, my friend.

Have you ever wondered why the voice of conservatism is strong on radio and blogs but not in office?

It is because politicians of both parties are bought and paid for before they are permitted to run. If you play ball, you then are permitted to win your election. But you must always remember that you are now owned and bound to do as you are told.

That is why conservatives are strong-winded and blog-saavy with no voice in political reality. Ask Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity why they won't run for public office? These guys no it is a set game and they would have to abandon their conservatism that makes them so popular and rich on radio.

Hate to say it but that seems to be the reality to me. Wish I was wrong.

Kris said...

why would any good liberal try to close the mouth of any free speech...he needs to act out what he preaches...

goo stuff. yes the 200,000 on the mall as a march for life was not even mentioned. if it had been for ANY other cause it would have been.


cube said...

Good post. Either the republicans are spineless and don't want to go up against unending attacks by the liberal press or Daniel-in-the-Den is right about their votes having been purchased. If the latter is true, then who has bought them?

Linz said...

Ooh, I shakin' in my boots.