Saturday, January 10, 2009

Local pizzeria "holds the anchovies" (and the Budweiser)

Chuck E Cheese's in Flint

I know I've already blogged this, but...

"Chuck E. Cheese's is in the national spotlight again because of violence at the kid-friendly haven," but Chuck E. Cheese in Flint Township is more peaceful place after banning booze eliminated fights.
In the 11 months since Chuck E. Cheese's in Flint Township put away the beer, township cops have only been called back to restaurant about a dozen times -- mainly for complaints about stolen purses and vandalism in the parking lot. "Nothing major," said township Police Chief George Sippert. "No fights."
The decrease in violence is being credited to the prohibition of alcohol shortly after the January 2008 brawl at Chucky's place. So far I have kept my promise "to find another pizzeria to take my adolescents where I can celebrate their birthdays like I always have. A shot of whiskey with the boyz while waiting for the ho to come take my order."

SIDE NOTE: The gang responsible for adorning the Flint restaurant with graffiti gang symbols is still at large.


  1. Once again, the bad apples spoil it for everybody else. Normal people can't have a beer because these imbeciles can't control their liquor. That makes me mad.

  2. What are violent adult drunks doing at freaking Chucky Cheese? The one nearest me barely gets a few moms and kids in it at any given time. I'm not even sure how they stay in business.

    When I was much younger during their first incarnation, they were darker and smokier with lots of video games. Now, they're brightly lit with neon and chrome and pastels in a ghastly rendition of a washed up New Wave designer getting the nostalgic 80s heaves. Games are minimal and most are aimed at six year olds.

    Liquor, the harder the better, could only make it more palatable and allow a parent to stand being there with the kid longer than ten minutes.

  3. OK, two things. First, how can anyone stand the place and the shithead little kids (not yours of course, just everyone else's) without booze? And, second, why the hell do you have to bring a kid to go there now? Why can't I go play on the games? That's discrimination, damnit!

  4. I actually haven't stepped foot into a Chucky Cheese in a loooooong time. I find it funny (in an ironic sort of way) that violence breaks out at these kid pizzerias all across the country... I find a little sad too that one of these events included the Chuckys in my hometown of Flint (like we need any more bad publicity).

    It's like the "man bites dog" twist. I mean, you expect violence and brawls in seedy parts of town and in bar parking lots and in McDonald's Playland pit of colored plastic balls. Just not at Chuckys place!

  5. Geeez- A few riots at Chucky's and everyone gets all bent out of shape. To a guy born in Flint it's no big deal. It's like a few gun shots sailing pass your ear. It's just a part of the local flavor.