Monday, January 19, 2009

Transistors Tuned to "The One" Frequency

Inauguration (and Woodstock concert). The opening acts are almost over. Cerebral (sic) speeches by leftist Hollywood elites are coming to a close. Swaying to the hippie music and the folk singers on the mall grounds are wrapping up. Bring out those Bic lighters (or lit cell phones for the youngins) and call out the main act! It's almost time for The One to take the stage for our salvation!

Speaking of cellphones, did you see where the carriers are begging the ObamaZombies to go easy on the mobile communications for fear that their networks will be overwhelmed?
For those coming to pay homage to the BlackBerry-toting president, the inauguration has the potential to be a wireless Woodstock. If, that is, the networks can handle it.
Hmmm. A comparison to Woodstock. Where have we heard this before? Could the NYT be closet Chattering Teeth readers?

Back to the phonecall pileup issue. As the late great Chris Farley would say, it's a "big guy in a little coat" problem. Cellphone companies have erected temporary towers to handle some of this additional cell traffic. I imagine these antennas were probably put on porta-potties and Al Franken's head... or is that redundantly repetitive? Both are full of the same material.

It would be a tragedy of unparalleled proportions if the networks became so overwhelmed that EVEN ONE critical text message of "OMG!!!" never gets delivered to it's intended recipient.

And then there is the potential security issue with Obama's Blackberry. I believe I have come up with a solution to this problem. Sometimes you have to take a step backward in order to move forward again, and technology is no different. Simply equip The One with a Mister Microphone, and pass out transister radios to the minions so they can pick up his broadcasts.

Who remembers the following Mister Microphone commercial from 1981?
(watch for these...)
:15 to :23 Barack and Biden fighting for face time?
:24 to :27 I guess we see who won.
:28 to :34 Bill Clinton in Little Rock?

"Hey, good looking, I'll be back to pick you up later."

Bill Couldn't have been talking to Hillary.


Linz said...

The world may actually end tomorrow when no one can get cell service. Oh, woe is the Obamanation.

RightKlik said...

I just love the colors and layout of this blog.

Chuck said...

I like the comparison to Woodstock. 20 years from now, everyone will have been there.

Bill-CT said...

Just like Jimmie Carter, 20 years from now maybe no one will want to admit to having been there.

-suitepotato- said...

Obama is definitely on the left and is beholden to the left but he is not as left as the people pushing him and that's the real danger. An obviously leftist prez would have had a harder time getting elected. He is somewhat malleable and will be under duress from the left from the word go and feel pressure to appease them but not really want to. The result will be an unthinking bone toss and unthinking ones are the worst.

I feel bad for him. He was given the usual affirmative action that Dems are given by the mainstream media of running against the media's created perceptions of their opponents or better yet a lame duck prez who isn't even running, but more than before in that they studiously ignored any response from McCain whatsoever.

The media let Obama run not on his ideas which he did try to get out, but against the perception of Bush they the MSM created. Pauly Shore could have been elected with that.

It's sad that we won't really get to know anything about him of substance till long after he's been sworn in, and even then, it will be for the longest time be a lovingly crafted artificial picture and not the real deal.

Z said...

ya, I heard the Obama team thinks it "SUCKS" that they can't have their blackberries, etc.
Dignity, huh? It SUCKS...for the media. Sets a really good example for kids.

CNN's calling their coverage of tomorrow as THE MOMENT.
oh, man.

Suitepotato makes some excellent points...brave points. I think he/she is right in a lot of it. I think I wouldn't be in obama's shoes for all the tea left in China that we haven't bought on credit yet! HA!!

cube said...

I'm planning to read tomorrow... alot.

DaBlade said...

Which just goes to prove that all of my bloggy friends are smart folks! Thanks all.

Hey Bill-CT, Does your alter-ego, Sum Yung Gai, know that you are using his avatar?:)
I can't wait to see his brog... I mean blog.