Sunday, January 4, 2009

Obama promises to send out a text message from his Blackberry on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

OK, not really. But he should! Remember how "hip and cool" (*gag*) Barry was when he announced his very cerebral VP pick (*double gag*) to the "People of the World" via the text message?

Who needs fireside chats when we could get regular text messages from The One?

What do you say Obama? Give us a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on whether you believe that Israel has a right to defend herself, or if you are in Ackmadeenadude's corner (and Roseann Barr's) and believe that Israel should be wiped off the map.

Transition officials insist that the messiah-elect has been "monitoring the situation" in Gaza. "Monitoring" in the sense that they see him staring at his Blackberry again. Either that, or he has been playing UNO.

His handlers have also promised The One would not comment publicly until his January 20th coronation, and certainly not until "his" thoughts are properly vetted and transcribed on his teleprompter. Meanwhile, Obama's followers are left to wonder who they should root for in the Gaza dustup.

Remember when the Howard Stern Show Quizzed Obama Supporters in Harlem on the issues of the day? The problem was that the interviewer attributed McCain's positions to Obama, and his empty vessel followers quickly adopted these positions.

INTERVIEWER: Do you support Obama more because he's pro-life or because he says our troops should stay in Iraq and finish the war?
EMPTY VESSEL: Ummm... I guess both.
INTERVIEWER: Obama likes The Detroit Lions in this year's Super Bowl and the Darfurians in the Gaza conflict. Who are you supporting?
EMPTY VESSEL: Ummm... I guess both.

OK, so I made that last one up. The point is, not only has Obama's silence led to confusion amongst the Obamanites, but has led to anger in the Middle East.

"The start is not good," said Khaled Musheel-something-or-other (pronounced: ...*just clear your throat*), leader of the Hamas Islamist movement in Gaza. If Obama is not careful, he is going to lose the support of the
terrorists and jihadists that officially endorsed him in his election.

So where does Obama's loyalties stand? With the Hamas terrorists or the democracy and U.S. ally? Isn't it a sad testament to how far we've fallen to even have to ask that question? Obama did tell the NYT in July that he did not think that "any country would find it acceptable to have missiles raining down on the heads of their citizens. Of course, he made this statement before he started golfing on a regular basis, so we're not really sure if his position has changed since then.
Obama told the Times that it was "very hard to negotiate with a group that ... does not recognize your right to exist, has consistently used terror as a weapon, and is deeply influenced by other countries."
Hmmm... Sounds like he is describing the democrat's view of conservatives. The "tolerant ones" certainly don't recognize our right to exist, they spread terror and fear of conservatives thru manipulation of the MSM, and the dems are absolutely influenced by other countries. Wasn't that their main mantra during the campaign? That we should seek to gain the love and support from other countries that Bush had lost?

Whoa! I'm vibrating! I gotta go. I must check this incoming text message. It could be The One, after all.


  1. Good post. Humor is going to be essential for survival in the next 4 years.

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  3. Omigawd. 0 and 16 for the Lions. Is there ANY toilet paper left in Detroit??


  4. Thanks for starting the New Year off with a good laugh!

  5. I was not aware that Roseanne Barr had count out as a Nazi. Are you sure her views are not some satirical comedy thing?

  6. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Thanks!

    ( DID he text message you? COME on, TELL!! then BURN YOUR Blackberry! PTUI!)

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  8. Does Obama pause in his text messages with the words uh and um?