Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will it be "Christmas in July"?

Yes, it's the middle of January and my Christmas lights are still up. I am quite aware that Christmas has come and gone. I used to make fun of those folks who would leave their lights up past New Year's Day. I also know that the outside temperature is "negative frozen jewels". There is no way I am climbing a ladder in these sub-zero temps. I will remove the lights when the snow melts and actually exposes the lights. Even if it takes all April. There was a window of opportunity between Christmas and New Years, where we had outside temps in the low 60's. I remembered thinking, "I'll do it later".

Which brings me to Step 3: Work hard for employer, but ALWAYS procrastinate with the honey-do's. If there are chores stacking up at home but there are other activities you would rather do (remote control/tv/couch) why torture yourself?


  1. Because if you don't do your honey-do's, you will be tortured by someone else...

  2. I agree, why do today what can wait until tommorrow?

  3. My motto is, "Why do today what you can procrastinate until next week." ;-)

  4. "Death, where is thy sting?"

    I'll have to find a different strategy on Tuesday. Crap, I might as well take down the lights and suffer the bitter winds of Michigan than subject myself to the inauguration coverage and Obama's bitter winds of change.