Saturday, August 22, 2009

Drudge Report headlines this morning... "President leaves Washington for summer vacation"... "10 YEAR DEFICIT TO $9 TRILLION"

Golfing with Tiger Woods is apparently a $2 Trillion dollar vacation? Nice late Friday night dump Obama!

Obama: "you Americans... not that it's any big deal or anything and I almost hate to bring this up, but our earlier economic forecasts were a bit too rosey. Instead of the earlier budget figure of $7.108 trillion representing several generations of servitude, crippling taxation, rampant hyper-inflation, and a devalued dollar overtaken by the peso - we now have a new estimate of $9 trillion which can't hurt much more, can it? While we are at it, let's throw in a few more $trillion on top of this for healthcare. It's not like the entire house of cards will collapse. No sense in getting all wee weed up, am I right?"

I think it's obvious to all except the most dim-witted that this community organizer in the White House is completely inept and his foreign and domestic policies downright dangerous. Hey, I'm as compassionate as the next Scot, so I say we fly Obama out on the next flight to Libya, cancel the so-called unspent "stimulus" money, and throw the government back out of the private sector.

Hey DaBwade, on what pwanet do you thpend mothst of your time?

It's called Earth, Barney, and Frankly you and the rest of your ilk will feel it's full gravity at the polls before this is over. It sure the F%^$ isn't Planet Washington or Planet Hollywood, or whatever planet you leftists spend your time on.

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