Friday, August 28, 2009

Pigeon sighting in Flint

This is an actual photo (thanks Cartman) of the pigeon that terrorized our office building for most of yesterday morning...

I know I have been guilty of slight embellishments here in the past, but I swear I haven't doctored this photo. It would occasionally take a few steps on the window ledge, all the while bobbing it's massive head in and out as if to say, "that's right, I'm bad!".

OK, maybe it was just me who was intimidated by this bird's powerful pecs. The ladies in the office feigned amusement at the pigeon, as the smiled and cooed back. Sure! Easy to be brave when there is thick glass between you and this monster squatter.

I'd feel safer swimming with the Polar Bears!

Then again, there are some creatures that are just too scary to view behind even the thickest unbreakable glass...


  1. Boy, it was reassuring to see those water drops with the polar bear info!! YIKES!

    But, you're right..NOTHING is more scary than that bottom picture. Or more threatening to this country.

  2. Maybe the pigeon is siding with Michael Moore and the UAW, and its pitiful attacks on an office building means it is trying to do its part to make Flint an undesirable business environment.

    Or is that "Busnes". The "word verification" thing I have to type below this right now is "Busnes"

  3. Pigeons and polar bear and morons, oh my!

  4. Cube, LMAO. Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night

  5. When I hear about a pigeon sighting in Flint I immediately think a mugging is eminent.

  6. dmarks- Nice! I would only say that this pigeon seems to be much more hygienic than Michael Moore. They do have that "massive head" thing in common.