Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday deviations

NAVY vs. Notre Dame, Saturday, November 7, 2009
Hooray! Pictured is an actual scan of one of the four tickets to this football game that recently arrived in my mailbox. I can't wait! There is one for Mr. & Mrs. DaBlade, as well as one each for my highschool freshman and senior. Number One son will be there too, but he will be somewhere in the rowdy student section, possibly wearing a Keenan kilt while helping to lift a nearby female student into the air so that she can do her mandatory airlift pushups - one for each of the ND points on the scoreboard. Hey, my boys are all about helping their fellow man (or woman).

As you can see, I've blotted out my section and seat number as I really don't need Chattering Teeth blog fans hounding me all game for an autograph. We should be easy to spot, however, as we might be the only group in the Notre Dame family cheering section with a high school senior sporting Navy attire and applauding raucously for them other guys. The lad is bound and determined to get into the Naval Academy. Admission to the Naval Academy is a tall order and very competitive. He has the physique, grades, and most importantly the character that we are praying will allow him to realize his dream.


  1. I can see you now, packing for the big event-
    Hair Gel....................Check!
    Drudge Hat..................Check!
    Thermos Of Piping Hot Tea...Check!
    Walkman/Jimmy Buffet Cd's...Check! Reagan #1 Huge Foam Hand....Check!
    Do I know you or what?

  2. I didn't realize you were a Navy fan :)

  3. Pic Pic- You've just described my dream day! Congrats!
    Chuck- More and more it seems. Had him in Detroit today for a round of physicals. He is still working on rounding up all the necessary letters of rec and an official nomination. Looking forward to that football game though. Go Irish! (except maybe against that maize and blue team... I dunno. I'm wavering a bit in my loyalties now)

  4. I loved this post...a tiny glimpse into a family who loves American institutions....
    It doesn't get better than that!
    Unless you're AT the game, I guess!

    I love the idea of all of bloggers hounding you for autographs! :-)

  5. Enjoy! I have no dog in this hunt being very fond of both sides. Whoever wins will be fine by me. I do love to watch NCIS... does that count? ;-)