Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama the green thumb

Obama: I've only got time for a couple more questions. Somebody here who has a concern about healthcare that has not been raised, or is skeptical and suspicious... 'cuz I don't want people thinkin' I just got a bunch of plants in here.

Obama: C'mon now! Don't be shy. Forget about that little thing I said earlier about not wanting you Americans to "do a lot of talkin'," or that I would, "hit back twice as hard". Let's hear from a skeptic...

Meanwhile, even the protestors outside are suspected plants...

Oh my!:
On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs acknowledged that many audience members were friendly to Obama's message... "I'm sensing your disappointment that he didn't get yelled at."
At least there is an admission that he stacked the audience with those still eating up his "Miracle grow" rhetoric.


  1. Will the real 'Astroturfers' please stand up.

  2. Little confused. Are you calling them plants because of the collective IQ or because they wore green?

  3. They are "plants", alright. Disguised SEIU thugs just waiting for someone to get out of line.

  4. Gibbs said THAT about being disappointed? MAN, he's the most elitist, disdainful jerk.

    This post is clever, as always......I'd say you're a BUDDING post genius, but.....!! You'd say I was a PLANT! :-)

  5. bwhahah!..great one!.Heh I'm bacccccccccccck! ;)

  6. And I thought we were done talking about bushes ;-)

    BO stages everything. With the help of a servile press, it is all about the perception and not the reality. These predetermined town hall meetings are so seedy. Anyone with half a brain can see the shrubbery.